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TriLipo Technology in Hull

TriLipo technology is an advanced solution for non-invasive facial and body contouring. The treatment combines TriLipo Radio Frequency technology with TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) technology for optimal fat reduction and skin tightening results.

The treatment is a quick and painless ‘walk in-walk out’ solution. With no downtime, patients immediately return to their daily routine. The safety and efficacy has been proven in clinical trials and is effective on all skin types. Best of all, results are usually visible after the very first session. For long-term enhanced results it is recommended to undergo a series of treatments.

Advantages Over Other Skin Therapies
• Focused fat reduction
• Cellulite improvement
• Skin tightening and firming
• Facial contouring
• Wrinkle reduction
• Lifting, toning and firming of muscles
• Detoxification and improved drainage
• Enhanced blood circulation and oxygenation

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